Prdikt’s 2021 Roundup

6 min readJan 10, 2022


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We’re building the only app that holistically unlocks the best version of yourself so that you can achieve the highest peaks in your career 🔥🔥🔥

What an incredible year this has been for Prdikt! This year is worth a victory lap. And the last three months have seen numerous activities on all fronts — from development, product and marketing — so, we want to provide you and our community with an update on what has happened, is happening and will happen at Prdikt.

What’s Prdikt?

Goal and mission.

Prdikt is on a mission to match key activities with peak performance. Our goal is to revolutionise the way you organise your life and work. We are radically open and unreasonable believers who think that we can help create systemic change in how business professionals worldwide use their time and abilities in the most powerful ways.

📈 Background.

In Q2 of 2021, we decided to build a tool that helps business professionals achieve their career goals efficiently and fast. We focused on exponentially increasing their intellectual and physical capacities to be productive with enormous energy, sharp focus and extraordinary creativity at work while maintaining a balance in life so that they achieve the impossible.

🤺 Now.

Prdikt is an app that helps schedule your days to maximise flow and performance, not attendance. There is no point in working, thinking or making a critical decision when your brain and body are not ready. Your goal is to do the right and most crucial thing at the RIGHT time. Two or three hours of profoundly focused work produces better results than 10 hours of unfocused efforts. We help you find those few hours in your day based on what your body and routines have to say. The rest? You commit additional hours, invest them into your work or personal development and achieve the highest goals vastly outperforming everyone. You can also choose to relax and prepare for your next moonshot.

Key highlights for 2021:

🔬 Science.

We researched about 300 academic papers and selected the most reliable and reputable ones among them which means they were peer-reviewed and from respected universities. Through that research, we’ve found out how your sleep, mindfulness, exercise and diet (SMED) influence your productivity at work. Even though we did a comprehensive study, there is no single source of truth because none of those papers explores the correlation holistically from all perspectives. Each aspect has many underlying sub-aspects. For example, sleep consists of efficiency, debt, consistency and duration. Efficiency, or sleep in general, encounters five phases and is influenced by many external (e.g. noise, temperature, light, wake-ups) and internal (e.g. heart rate variability, resting heart rate) factors. Most academic papers concentrate on one aspect intensely, so, we had to solve that puzzle piece by piece. We carefully selected the parts that most influence productivity in order to develop a holistic approach.

🧬 Technology.

Six months of iterations with Prdikt’s core technology allowed us to create the most comprehensive and holistic science-backed approach. By employing information about your daily patterns and SMED, Prdikt can estimate when your capacity to perform at work will be the highest so that you can concentrate on critical decisions, be energetic and ingenious. Using such a prediction, you can arrange your days to maximise your flow and productivity, achieving more than ever before. And we just scratched the surface of the capabilities of human beings!

🦾 Alpha testing.

In October, we launched alpha testing (and we give a big thanks to our early adopters who helped us to test our technology and provided feedback on it!). That lasted for one month. The alpha showed our technology to be precise with a 90–95 percent confidence level and helped to complete the app’s scope for the following versions.

💡 Insights.

In October, we started to post articles on Medium related to what we do because we want to share our discoveries so that you can benefit from them. If you missed some of the pieces, here is a quick recap and some links:

  • A series of articles on Performance Protocols which are a sequence of steps and activities to keep you alert, focused and creative throughout your workday. Different routines are explored throughout the day that you may want to implement into your life. Read about what you can do in the morning, the first half, the afternoon and the evening to stay more alert and productive.
  • Why do Business Athletes Love to Sleep?” explores how different aspects of sleep help you to remain full of energy for longer, bringing creativity and cleverness into focus.
  • Family Culture or a Team of Professionals?” questions famous family-like cultures in organisations and shows why they can lead to a decrease in overall organisational productivity. We are keen to learn what you think, so, feel free to comment.
  • How Can Business Professionals Leverage Data to Perform Better at Work?” draws several parallels between business professionals and professional athletes and concludes that we can apply that exact science and technology into the business world and into business professionals in particular.
  • The Professional Business Athlete Manifesto” demonstrates how the most ambitious business professionals see the world and what values are essential for them in their professional lives.

Prdikt’s 2022 plans:

We will continue to rock the ship, supporting your development as a professional. We’ve got some exciting plans for the entire year and can’t wait to turn them into reality so that you rocket to the sky.

🚀 Closed Beta Launch.

The closed beta will launch in Q1 2022 and allow people to try Prdikt. That will happen at the end of February at the latest. The closed beta will be available for a limited group of people at the beginning and then we will add more people. People who participated in the closed beta will get the following benefits:

  • Improved productivity from day one;
  • Understanding how to improve performance capacities;
  • Access to a private community of like-minded people;
  • Insights into what will happen next at Prdikt;
  • Finally, a lifetime free access to premium features of the V1 when the app is publicly available.

Feel free to sign up on our web page to join our waiting list.

🎯 The Performance Ambassador Club.

Companies value top-performers more than anything else. They spend their budgets to do whatever it takes to nurture and keep those people on board. That means that if you can prove you are the top performer, your package goes up. That will not be automatic, unfortunately, but you will get a chance to learn how to negotiate. Being a Performance Ambassador is one of the best ways to communicate that you are up to productivity for your current or future employers. We are launching the club to turbocharge your career.

📜 Roadmap review.

In December, we published our roadmap. It contains high-level features that we want to implement in Q1, Q2 and Q3 2022. Explore it and you will better understand where we’re going and how we’re planning to get there.

Your opinion and input are essential! If you think we need to focus on something, we’d love to hear from you. So, please vote for the features to be added first using the form from the roadmap and we will work hard to deliver the most important things to you more quickly.

That’s all for now. Thank you all very much for reading!

A big thanks to everyone who has been a part of Prdikt’s journey! It’s been our amazing community being with us every step along the way that has made it so worthwhile. Support, feedback and your passion has driven us forward! 💥💥💥

We wish you all a productive year ahead! Big love, Prdikt’s Team

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