The Professional Business Athlete Manifesto

4 min readOct 14, 2021


We are a community of people who know who they are. We believe that any success in our lives comes from our disciplined efforts toward achieving the highest results. We believe that people who embrace that reality can continually produce the best outcomes.

Those beliefs are integral to our culture — we want to be the best in what we do. Our beliefs construct our DNA which defines how we operate during and outside of work hours, how we live our lives, and how we interact with others.

We work our ethics

Many people spend half of their days and most of their lives at work. Yet, some of those people treat their work as a precursor to real life, living for a few short hours between sleep and work. As for us — we love to work. For us, the work IS real life.

Why do we love to work? We know working is the only way to change the reality around us and to make a real and valuable impact. Regardless of our working environment, company size, or job title, we strive for perfection because settling for mediocrity is not an option. By striving for perfection, we can achieve excellence. That’s the lifestyle we choose.

We are the people who consistently and constantly put in more smart hours and we significantly outperform our peers. We often take one more step and one more improvement. And then one more. We start counting work hours when we are tired, not from the beginning of the work.

That is our compound interest — we invest over and above and that’s why our outcomes are vastly superior in the long run. People who are afraid of work and dedicated hours are seldom successful.

We are the elite business athletes

We are a team of professional business athletes. We are the elite athletes of business. We are here to succeed and we are scarce. We always compete and we compete with the whole world. From competition, we know what to improve and we know who is best. It is we.

We are not just good, we are brilliant. We define ourselves as owners of our lives. We have goals and objectives and we can self-direct toward those goals and redefine them while we work to get there. Our bars are very high and go in one direction — up.

We desire to be successful and we bet on our success. Our character and grit help us to learn and adapt to the constantly changing conditions of this competitive world. A world that could break someone like a storm. We stand firm in the middle of a storm. We are the storm.

We are brutally honest when reflecting upon our performance. By appraising ourselves accurately, not nicely, even if we fall short of perfection, we can gauge how to improve our performance and achieve what we want. We are concerned with results, not appearance.

Our strive for excellence knows no bounds or limits

We work on being the best in the world at what we do. We are not satisfied with less — we want x10. We never stop with what we’ve achieved and we want to always go further. There are no limits for us. Almost anything is possible and that’s who we are.

We do not accept an okay-ish quality of work, life or anything else — only the best and excellent outcome quality is what we want. We constantly look for ways to improve ourselves and our results. We push ourselves to be more educated and to learn that last little bit extra that helps us to be at the cutting edge of what we do.

We represent people who believe that anything is possible and who don’t limit their aspirations. We don’t make excuses for ourselves or for others. We don’t let weaknesses tell us stories that say why not. We believe that our discipline, determination, and dedication can break through any wall and we continually push through.

This is our sport

We know what we need to do and we have the discipline to do it. We use the best modern tools and techniques in order to reasonably prioritise our lives. We don’t react randomly. We optimise our daily routines in a positive way so that we can predict our peak performance times and use them to our advantage. That helps us to make high-quality decisions quickly and execute them accordingly.

We use a structured, data-driven and proactive approach to achieve results. We are almost like machines — as are all professional and elite athletes.

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